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Five UC Merced students, all of them wearing the university's colors, pose near Science and Engineering 2 Building.

Making the Grade

UC Merced, at just 11 years old, made a major splash with its debut in the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings.
A UC Merced alumna and student pose in front of the helicopter that brought President Obama and the first family to Yosemite National Park in June 2016.

Students Present the Face of Yosemite to the First Family

The presidential visit in June 2016 provided a prime opportunity to highlight some of UC Merced’s partnerships with Yosemite National Park including the Wilderness Education Center and Yosemite Leadership Program.
UC Merced’s sign, adorned with the University of California seal, decorates the main entrance into the campus.

Donor’s Land Gift Helps Campus Break Fundraising Record

UC Merced received land near campus worth nearly $10 million, the second-largest donation ever made to the university.
UC Merced students engage in a classroom discussion with a faculty member.

UC Merced Awarded $500K for Undergrad Research, Support

The grant, from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, creates a humanities-based expansion of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center, serving 60 students over three years.
This rendering shows part of UC Merced’s planned expansion, with the existing campus in the background and state-of-the-art research labs, a new quad and a multifunctional dining facility to be completed by 2020.

Campus Growth Plans Earn UC Regents’ Final Approval

Board votes unanimously to approve the expansion plan that will nearly double the physical capacity of campus by 2020 and enable enrollment growth to 10,000 students.


“Leaders are alchemists who transform obstacles into opportunities.”

- Dorothy Leland

Welcome to UC Merced - The University of California's newest campus

Chancellor Dorothy Leland of UC Merced

Dorothy Leland
UC Merced Chancellor

Without exception, University of California campuses have distinguished themselves as powerhouses of invention, discovery and knowledge creation, generating the kinds of intellectual contributions that spawn entire industries, creating rewarding jobs, advance human knowledge and fundamentally change how we live our lives. With its growing and impressive research portfolio, UC Merced is destined to continue this proud tradition. Through its discoveries in the fields ranging from alternative energy to water resource management and health and cognitive sciences, UC Merced is poised to contribute greatly to the economic recovery of California and the nation through important scientific breakthroughs, discoveries and inventions.


The 2020 Project

UC Merced 20/20 project

The 2020 Project is a public-private partnership that will provide the physical capacity needed to grow to 10,000 students. At a time of increasing budget constraints on public university systems and growing financial demands for limited state resources, it is fitting that the first American research university of the 21st century is carrying out this project through an alternative delivery strategy. By leveraging private-sector expertise and combining the pricing of lifecycle design, construction, financing, operations and maintenance costs, the 2020 Project will enable UC Merced to advance its teaching, research and public-service mission in the most cost-effective and rapid way possible.

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Featured News

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Events and Happenings


UC Merced Campus

Fall instruction ends Friday, Dec. 9.

UC Merced Campus

Final exams take place from Saturday, Dec. 10 through Friday, Dec. 16.

UC Merced Campus

Fall semester ends Friday, Dec. 16.

UC Merced Campus

The spring semester officially begins Tuesday, Jan. 10.