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UC Merced is in the process of building our own labyrinth on campus, in Kelley grove.  Labyrinths have a single pathway that meanders toward a center.  Unlike a maze, there are no dead ends, and instead of walls, the path of the labyrinth is laid out flat on the ground with the design and destination in full view from the entrance.

Labyrinths are a tool for stress reduction, mental health, and community building, commonly used for meditation, mindfulness and/or spiritual practice, and connecting to oneself and the environment.

Do you have a question or life decision that you are pondering?  Visit the labyrinth, start your experience by asking the question at the beginning.  

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“Every labyrinth should be a unique work of art, because each intention, setting and community is different.” 

Lars Howlett, pro labyrinth designer and master labyrinth builder

For more information contact Collin Lewis


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Walking the Labyrinth handout