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Valuing Black Lives Task Force

Structure and Leadership

The Valuing Black Lives Task Force is will consist of five subcomittees. Each subcommittee will have an administrative co-lead and at least one co-lead representing each of these categories: a staff member co-lead, a senate faculty co-lead, a non-senate faculty co-lead, and two student co-leads – one undergraduate and one graduate, as well as additional members, for a total of about 10 members per subcommittee.  

Once the academic year begins, the subcommittees will be expected to meet twice a month. The Task Force co-leads (Dania Matos, Jonathan Grady, and Robin DeLugan) will meet monthly with the subcommittee co-leads. The Task Force co-leads will meet with our executive sponsors – Chancellor Muñoz and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Camfield in October for a progress update, and again in December to review recommendations. 

Task Force Co-Leads

Dania Matos, J.D.;
Associate Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer 
Jonathan Grady, Ph.D.;
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students 
Robin DeLugan, Ph.D.;
Academic Senate Liason 

Subcommittees Guiding Questions

Subcommittee Co-Leads and Members

Student Support Subcommittee


  • Charles Nies - Administrative co-lead
  • Kiyah White - Undergraduate co-lead
  • Onar Primitivo - Staff co-lead
  • David Kaminsky - Senate faculty co-lead (Undergraduate Council)
  • Hrant Hratchian - Senate faculty co-lead (Graduate Council)
  • Chai Charles Moua - Non-Sentae faculty co-lead


  • Tania Gonzalez - Staff member
  • Adam Fleenor - Graduate student member
  • Priya Lakireddy - Staff member
  • Domonique Jones - Alumni member
  • Erik Menke - Senate faculty member
  • Chuck Pirtle - Community member

Community Engagement Subcommittee


  • Ed Klotzbier - Administrative co-lead
  • Efren Vazquez - Undergraduate co-lead
  • Vernette Doty - Staff co-lead
  • Yolanda Pineda Vargas - Non-Senate faculty co-lead
  • Nigel Hatton - Senate faculty co-lead


  • Dawn Trook - Staff member
  • Cori Lucero - Staff member
  • Mari Harris - Staff member
  • Kim Garner - Staff member

Policing and Anti-Black Violence Subcommittee


  • Martin Reed - Staff co-lead
  • Lynette Void - Undergraduate co-lead
  • David Snyder - Graduate student co-lead
  • Mark Harris - Non-Senate faculty co-lead
  • David Jennings - Senate faculty co-lead


  • Chou Her - Staff member
  • Matthew Snyder - Non-Senate faculty member
  • Tommy Tran - Non-Senate faculty member
  • Michelle Toconis - Non-Senate faculty member
  • Laura Martin - Staff member
  • Priya Lakireddy - Staff member
  • LaMonte Allen - Community member

Staff and Faculty Recruitment and Retention


  • Teenie Matlock - Administrative co-lead
  • Nicole Pollack - Administrative co-lead (for staff)
  • Zulema Valdez - Administrative faculty co-lead (for faculty)
  • Yesenia Curiel - Staff co-lead
  • Tashelle Wright - Graduate student co-lead
  • Daniel R. Ayala - Non-Senate faculty co-lead
  • Sean Malloy - Senate faculty co-lead


  • Guillermo Ortiz - Staff member
  • Hannah Ewing - Staff member
  • Chioma Ndubuisi - Staff member
  • Rosana McKinney - Staff member

Research, Scholarship and Funding Opportunities Subcommittee


  • Marjorie Zatz - Administrative co-lead
  • Kevin Easley - Graduate student co-lead
  • Trevor Hirst - Staff co-lead
  • Liza Gomez Daglio - Non-Senate faculty co-lead
  • Jason Sexton - Senate faculty co-lead


  • Melinda Laroco Boehm - Staff member
  • Terri Harris - Staff member
  • Chuck Pirtle - Community member
  • Staff member - Kevin Mitchell


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