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Another Record Applicant Pool for Fall 2023

March 1, 2023

To: All campus

Re: Another Record Applicant Pool for Fall 2023


Dear campus community,


Once again, a record number of potential first-year students — more than 26,000 — have applied to join the UC Merced community in fall 2023, with nearly 3,900 seeking to join us as transfer students.


Some highlights from this year’s undergraduate pool include a 23% increase in first year applicants from other countries and a 13.3% increase in Black transfer applicants. Graduate applications rose 6.7% year over year as well.


First year applicants will receive admission decisions March 1 and have until May to decide to join the Bobcat community. This is the period in which we need the help of every faculty member, every staff member, every student and every friend of UC Merced, to convince so many future scholars that the path to their future runs through this university.


We will be hosting events across California for prospective students, and of course our annual Bobcat Day, on Saturday, April 22nd, is a way to show off our impressive institution for potential students, their families and friends. There is an important role for campus colleagues at some or all of these events.


The work you do every day to advance the reputational excellence of UC Merced is paramount to our success — and the conversations you have every day with our applicants, their parents and grandparents, teachers and counselors, coaches and employers will help enroll the next generation of Bobcats. Your enthusiasm for this university shines through in all you do — please continue to share it with those who seek to further their education here.


Go Bobcats,


Juan Sánchez Muñoz, Ph.D.


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