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California's Attorney General meets with DACA students from UC Merced

September 25, 2018
Angelica Lei Lani

MERCED, Calif. - On Monday, California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra met with DACA students from UC Merced.

He held a round table discussion concerning the status of DACA. Right now, it's in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. 

The attorney general said he has sued the Trump Administration 44 times and has won several cases. 

He said he's confident that DACA will become a permanent program and students we with shared their stories with him and said they're glad for his support.

"You deserve to have a place here," Becerra said.

This is the message he conveyed to the DACA students he met with on Monday.

"I see myself in them and I hope they see themselves in the chancellor and me and in other because that's their future," he said.

He said Dreamers futures have been up in the air since President Trump took office.

"We believe we have a strong case we made our arguments to the 9th Circuit, we're hoping that they keep in place the injunction against President Trump repealing the DACA program," Becerra said.

Boe, a PhD student at UC Merced, migrated from India with her parents when she was around 5-years-old. She said the DACA program is essential to her future.

"I followed my dreams and hoping to finish this year if I can keep my status," she said.

Boe said her family filed to become citizens, paid all the fees and were rejected. When she was 16, she said her family received their final order of deportation.

"I wanted to finish school and wanted to go to college, this is the only country I've ever really knew," she said.

Boe and other students said that they are going to continue to raise awareness and not let fear get them.

"They can take away status, that's fine, but what I have learned, gained, acquired in terms of intelligence and knowledge that can not be taken away from me," said Julio Perez, UC Merced DACA student.

Becerra said he's hoping that the 9th Circuit Court will keep the injunction in place. He said that will give them a chance to go back to the district court and take it to trial.

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