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Chancellor Leland Statement on Peaceful Protest Held on Campus During Regents Meeting

November 28, 2011

Chancellor Dorothy Leland of the University of California, Merced, has issued the following statement on protests held on campus today:

"Today marked a milestone of sorts for UC Merced, when one of our first significant peaceful assemblies was held. The university community gathered together — in solidarity with sister campuses throughout the UC system — to express its frustration with the state's continued disinvestment of public higher education.

"Thanks to the mutually respectful and collaborative atmosphere — which is a hallmark of our campus — academic, research and administrative activities of the university were carried out as they would be on any other day. I appreciate everyone's commitment to our campus' Principles of Community, as well as the time and effort students and others took to convey their dissatisfaction with rising cost of tuition and detrimental cuts to the university’s budget.

"I congratulate our student protest leaders for ensuring their concerns are heard. Participating in the open democratic process is one of many experiences to be had both in and out of the classroom. In addition, I thank campus law enforcement officials and other staff members whose level of professionalism is laudable and to be commended."

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