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Recent Acts of Violence

October 11, 2023

Re: Recent Acts of Violence
To: All campus

To the UC Merced campus,

UC Merced is built on principles of respect and community. The test of principles is that we uphold them not just in easy times, but also in difficult ones. The violent clash of peoples around the world is terrifying and heartbreaking to those with family and friends directly affected, and to all of us who value humanity. It may even elicit anger in some, often evoking more questions than answers. But we must not allow conflict and violence in our own communities or those of others to negatively impact our strong commitment to one another. When violence prevails, we all lose.

We would like to take this opportunity to amplify an important message from University of California President Michael Drake and the chair of the UC Board of Regents, Richard Leib, about the recent events in the Middle East.

For those who need additional support, we understand. To promote well-being during difficult times, please refer to ongoing resources for students and faculty/staff . For employees, you may also acesss behavioral health benefits through your health insurance plan.

During times of conflict, especially with respect to human rights, politics and religion, it is important to center ourselves in common purpose while also recognizing and respecting difference, and engaging in a culture of inquiry, understanding and civility.

UC Merced Administration

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