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UC Merced Pride

April 21, 2022
Re: UC Merced Pride
To: All campus
April 21, 2022
As we prepare this week for two significant campus events, it is important for us to remember: What we do at UC Merced changes lives. This may seem obvious, but often we haven’t sufficient time to reflect on our remarkable success.
When US News measures us against all other national universities in the United States and determines that we are No. 1 for outperforming predicted college graduation rates and No. 4 for creating social mobility for our students, it is proclaiming we are changing lives. We admit promising young people and give them the education, the tools, the broad worldview and the specific skills to succeed for themselves, their families and communities.
When the world follows our research for its direct bearing on great issues of public import — sustainability, fire science, water conservancy and the technology that makes agriculture even more productive — we are setting our mark not just on science but on humanity’s future. Our recent CITRIS conference on the future of water use, convening authorities from state government and throughout the Central Valley, is yet another demonstration that we have the knowledge and credibility to inspire vital scientific discoveries and inform critical policy decisions.
The fact that more young people than ever have applied to join UC Merced shows our hard work has planted seeds of hope and inspiration. They see us as the gateway to a future of accomplishment and unlimited possibility.
Everyone at UC Merced — the faculty who research and teach, the staff who create a nurturing environment on campus and beyond, the students who act as peer mentors, debating partners or just good friends — burnishes our reputation and tells the world why this university matters.
On Friday, we will announce our partnership with another major institution to accept more young people from historically underrepresented communities across the Central Valley into higher education. And on Saturday, of course, we will welcome thousands of prospective students and their families to campus for Bobcat Day.
The stories we all tell and the pride we all display will be vitally important to these future students.
We are changing lives, individually and collectively. Yes, we face some challenges on campus, but we must not lose sight of the fact that UC Merced has become a great force for good in California and the world. Let us enjoy the well-earned pride in what we do and in what we do together. I am certainly proud to work alongside you every day.
Juan Sánchez Muñoz, Ph.D.
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