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Judging Criteria

Each submission will be judged on four criteria:

  • Creativity: The model demonstrates innovative thinking, a deep understanding of the levers and barriers to organizational change and addresses a clear opportunity for advancing an entrepreneurial or socially impactful mindset, skillset and culture for UC Merced.
  • Impact: The innovation has a clear contribution to the campus and has the potential of providing a track record of results and success. The innovation, if scaled, has potential to be transformative for the campus and represents a new best practice for the University of California system.
  • Replication and Scale: The innovation may be easily adapted without losing quality. The innovation should be able to spread with relative ease, increasing efficiency and impact with every replication. Replication may be across different units, departments, divisions and other UC campuses.
  • Maturity: There is potential for refinement and iteration of the model over time.