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On the Chauvin Trial Verdict

April 20, 2021
Re: On the Chauvin Trial Verdict
To: All campus
April 20, 2021
Dear Campus Community,
The killing of George Floyd was a tragedy that drew international attention to problems within American policing — attention that was overdue, and problems that have long been a stain on our nation.
The Minnesota jury verdict holding a Minneapolis police officer accountable for that tragedy will neither restore George Floyd’s life nor correct systemic problems, but it does give some hope that America has the potential to promise a measure of justice.
Immediate charges filed against another Minnesota officer, in the shooting death of Daunte Wright only a few miles away, are another sign we are coming to recognize that horrific police violence against people of color can no longer be covered up and dismissed.
We have so much more to do to build a just country in which we are not hoping for punishment for rogue officers but preventing such killings in the first place. UC Merced must and will be part of building that future.
UC President Michael Drake has made this strong statement on the verdict as well.
The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion website offers resources, including resources for mental health, anti-racism, and how to be an ally , to help us continue this work.
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