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Black History Month

Re: Black History Month
To: All Campus
January 28, 2021
As we prepare to celebrate Black History Month, I am reflecting on the commitment we share to realizing justice for the Black community by continuing to encourage inclusive excellence at UC Merced.
While we have miles to go in our journey toward a truly inclusive and representative community, many at UC Merced are already making history through their work:

A Time for Unity

Re: A Time for Unity
To: All Campus
January 7, 2021
To the UC Merced Community,
Yesterday’s tumult in Washington, D.C. has shaken many, but it also provides a valuable lesson for those of us at UC Merced working for a better future.
Now more than ever, we see the significance of higher education’s role in helping to prepare a thoughtful citizenry, committed to reasoned analysis and respectful civic engagement.

Regarding Social Media Posts

Re: Social Media Posts
To: All campus
Dec. 29, 2020

Dear UC Merced community,

A Twitter account associated with a faculty member included messages that crossed the line established by the Board of Regents in their 2016 Statement of Principles Against Intolerance condemning anti-Semitism and “anti-Semitic forms of anti-Zionism,” and affirming that “acts of discrimination that demean our differences, are antithetical to the values of the university and serve to undermine its purpose.”


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