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A Time for Unity

January 7, 2021
Re: A Time for Unity
To: All Campus
January 7, 2021
To the UC Merced Community,
Yesterday’s tumult in Washington, D.C. has shaken many, but it also provides a valuable lesson for those of us at UC Merced working for a better future.
Now more than ever, we see the significance of higher education’s role in helping to prepare a thoughtful citizenry, committed to reasoned analysis and respectful civic engagement.
Now more than ever, we recognize how dependent our democratic republic is upon a fully informed people rather than a malinformed one.
Now more than ever, the principles to which we are committed —fostering civil dialogue, respect, inclusion, and mutual exploration of knowledge, always in the spirit of community — are drawn into sharper focus for us and for the world.
There are times when we have fallen short of these principles, as individuals and as a community. As with UC Merced, we know this nation can survive errors, even tragedies, and grow stronger, but only if it truly and transparently examines its shortcomings and commits to change that works for the betterment of all.
Now is the time to recommit to the peaceful and thoughtful dialogue that is at the heart of a well-founded education and a thriving democratic society.
Now is the time for unity. Together, we are always better.
Fiat Lux,
Juan Sánchez Muñoz, Ph.D.
Gregg Camfield, Ph.D.
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Robin DeLugan, Ph.D.
Chair, Academic Senate
Yesenia Curiel, LMFT
President, Staff Assembly
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