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Do Your Part for the Community

August 13, 2020
Dear Campus Colleagues,
Merced College and UC Merced have significant responsibilities in meeting the needs and addressing the well-being of our campus communities — students, faculty and staff — and fulfilling our core missions during this challenging time.
But regardless of how complex our own situations are, we cannot think of our institutions as islands, but as profoundly intertwined with our community. We have families here. We eat here, we shop here and we enjoy recreation and entertainment here. As individuals, we are wearing masks and washing our hands and keeping our distance like everyone else. However, as leaders in education in Merced County, this is simply not enough.
We are all part of the same Merced community, and as major institutions, we at UC Merced and Merced College take our role in the community very seriously. And while we must protect our own campuses — and ourselves and our families — we also believe we have an obligation to work together to help our city and our region alleviate this public health crisis.
This is why we are proud to be launching the Do Your Part campaign, a joint effort between UC Merced and Merced College to help inform our community about safe and healthy practices. We will do this through social media and web marketing, as well as signs posted at businesses around Merced.
We promise to do our part, and we urge everyone in the community to do their part to keep everyone safe. Wear masks, distance yourself from others and stay home if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who might have the disease.
We believe in the promise of Merced, and we believe the spirit of Merced will persevere through this crisis. If we can realize that promise, it will bring prosperity to the entire Valley. Together, we will do just that.
Juan Sánchez Muñoz, Ph.D.
University of California, Merced
Chris Vitelli, Ed.D.
Superintendent | President
Merced College
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