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Remarks and Writings

October 27, 2020
Re: Imagine 2030 To: All campus Oct. 27, 2020   Dear Campus Community,   While we are all busy these days learning to work remotely, conduct research, teach classes and, most importantly, keep ourselves and our families healthy and safe, there is yet more that requires our shared attention.   UC Merced has... Read More
October 8, 2020
Re: Indigenous Peoples' Day To: All campus Oct. 8, 2020   Dear Campus Community,   This Oct. 12, I invite you to take a moment to pause and celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day -- an important day in which we remember, honor and recognize the role of indigenous people in our nation’s history.  ... Read More
October 7, 2020
Re: Vice Chancellor/CFO Transition Update To: All campus Oct. 7, 2020   Members of the Campus Community,   As we announced in an earlier update , Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration/CFO Mike Riley will be leaving UC Merced Nov. 1 to begin a new position at UC Berkeley.   As the search... Read More
October 5, 2020
Re: World Teachers' Day To: All campus Oct. 5, 2020   Dear Campus Community,   More than 50 years ago, the United Nations declared education “a fundamental human right.” World Teachers’ Day — today, Oct. 5 — celebrates those whose vocation is to advance knowledge and understanding.... Read More
September 25, 2020
Re: We Remember To: All campus Sept. 25, 2020   Dear Campus Community,   The killing of Breonna Taylor, and subsequent prosecutorial decisions, mark another in a series of painful episodes for America, resonating across countless lives and communities, and indeed we are reminded of and affirm our commitment that Black... Read More
September 23, 2020
Re: MedEd at UC Merced Receives Major Support and Next Steps To: All campus Sept. 23, 2020   Dear Campus Community,   This pandemic has focused ever more sharply our attention on the limited health-care resources of the Central Valley. UC Merced and our partners are poised to begin the next steps toward addressing this... Read More
September 21, 2020
Re: Vice Chancellor/CFO Transition To: All faculty and staff Sept. 21, 2020   Members of the Campus Community,   Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration/CFO Mike Riley, who has overseen the transition in oversight of campus auxiliary services and the hiring of a prominent bookstore management firm, and... Read More
September 10, 2020
Re: Nominate a Big Cat Hero Today To: All Campus Sept. 10, 2020   Dear Campus Community,   With great privilege comes great responsibility. At UC Merced, we have the privilege of access to top-notch teaching, cutting-edge tools and technology, and the pursuit of research and higher learning so that we can ultimately... Read More
August 24, 2020
Re: Welcome Back to UC Merced To: All staff and faculty Aug. 24, 2020   Dear Colleagues,   I want to welcome you back to a new semester and academic year — one that begins under novel conditions but offers an opportunity for greatness, should we choose to seize it.   Almost all of you have been at UC... Read More